In-Class Marketing Strategies.

The goal is to enhance future reliability on human intelligence. Putting you and your customers above. The AI-Assisted Business Blueprint – AABB, commands machines to do the work. Doing business involves basic calculations, cash flow auditing, some personal effort, and more reserved time. Read more >>

  • It’s Important You Understand Consumer Behavior & Consumer Insights.

 Confidently serve your future customers with pleasure. When requesting an AABB, you are preparing for big business. Adopting a business psychology interest means you know exactly how you expect your future customers to behave. The AABB prepares you, (the owner), for big business success. It takes away all the risks of failure, as you do business. Check in with us and discover your consumer’s mastered psychology. Get started with discussing your new initiative, product, insight or concept. We offer ultimate lifetime business success with guarantee for business continuity. Create an account to Request an AI-Assisted Business Blueprint – AABB, for your business.


The High Value AI-Assisted Business Blueprint – AABB, Priced in LIHE.

    The term “LIHE” was coined from the title of an unreleased album called “Life In His Eyes”. Combining all aspects of business, economics, and computer-based solutions, to deliver perfect real world solutions. AABBs value dwells on lifestyle preferences.

Verify your AABB.

Offering Freedom and Peace to Busines Owners

Freelance consultants available at your disposal. No workshops. No professional skills required. Just answer a few questions. The business’ success is influenced by the psychology of the owner and the financial responsibility of the customer.

Independent Strategies

Indulge in business and collaborate with the stars, public figures and big agencies. Launched for fashion brand businesses.

Multi Businesss Venture

Private investment solution that build happy customers and awards business confidence.

Digital Marketing & Advertisement (DMA)

Online advertisement to increase leads and convert them to sales.

Business Psychology Interest

Research and locate collaborators.

Customer Management

Shop innovative customer management solutions.

Sales Management

Improve sales and promote healthy customer relationships.

Design Architecture & Logistics

Get access to physical warehouses, other business buildings and shops.

Amnesty Cloud is at the Core and Fore Front of Innovation

Building innovative business solutions for small, mid-size, and large-size companies.

Performance Optimization

Educating and encouraging every startup business on the importance and the benefits of adopting a cloud infrastructure architecture for their business. This optimizes the performance of every business.

Solar Energy, Water Energy & Air Energy Powered Concepts

Amnesty Cloud uses this solutions to support life and energy.

Owner's Manual to Confidently Outbreak.

9r artificial intelligence built on psychology and interest. With good courage, you can engage in all profitable business activities.

Software Development and Programming

Business financial systems that explore the best possible profitable business ideas.

Start with Just an Idea or an Instruction

Work with talented and gifted professionals that have helped set up thriving business from scratch. A C is in the best of ways unique to the business owner.

Open up an AI business today with little or no down payment.

We can help you start your own AI business with little or no down payment.

Favorable financing options are available.

Checkout our AI Business Blueprint (BB), financing plans.

 AI-Assisted Business Confidence – ABC

  1. Easy to interpret flow diagrams.
  2. Specialized well-architected systems.
  3. An internal operations transmission service for key purposes.
  4. Developed to be used with simple straight forward instructions.
  5. Blueprint plans included.
  6. Custom business security tools used to operate your AABB.

Get a Quote.

Create and Expand your Niche.

Develop new business psychology inerests.

Understand Consumer Behavior (Consumer Insights)

Master your niche. Study individuals, groups, or organisations and all the activities associated with the purchase, use and disposal of goods and services.

In-Class Reliable Customer Support

Confidently serve your future customers with pleasure.

TasteOur® Human Technology

Step into the new, experience, and discover the wonders that await. Expand your perspective and enrich your life.

Human Technology Going Beyond the Power of AI. - M.O.T Quality.

Enhance your life with TasteOur®nGo. A new mobile device experience that blends AI and real human intelligence for a quality and healthy lifestyle.


Leverage AI and real human intelligence to enhance your well-being and solve life’s puzzles.

Control and virtually match your product concepts with your business’ psychology interest. Blueprints are created to never be the same irrespective of the owner.

Steps to Get an AI-Assisted Business Blueprint – AABB.

  1. Request an account
  2. Select your blueprint version
  3. Fund your account to activate your order request
  4. Book a conference call
  5. Get real-time updates via text, email, or call.
  6. Conduct your own research about alternatives to support your initiative.
  7. Receive your blueprint in-person or by mail.

You can print blueprint architectural or engineering plans at the nearest UPS store.

It would be best to start finding affordable insurance plans protecting your investment. You are mandated to insure your AI-Assisted Business Blueprint – AABB.

 Business Blueprint Insurance Plans – BBIP.

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Summary Note

Nature of The AI-Assisted Business Blueprint – AABB’s Price.

  1. Our development and security tools and software cost.
  2. Our prices vary based on the product quantity and size of the AI-Assisted Business Blueprint AABB you intend to open.
  3. The current demand for skilled labor is high so we’ve tailored our prices to support our workforce.
  4. The AI-Assisted Business Blueprint AABB is a high-value legal business investment you can consider a fortune.
  5. The AI-Assisted Business Blueprint AABB enables people with little or no experience in business to become successful within a short period of time.
  6. The AI-Assisted Business Blueprint AABB gives you business confidence and automatically qualifies and positions the owner as a CEO.

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Convenient payment options are available in your account.

Pay in LIHE coin using a crypto wallet before you can order an AI-Assisted Business Blueprint – AABB, for your business motive.