Amnesty Cloud’s Products.

A C requires that before any New Product Development (NPD) request is approved, you must understand and agree to everything in the product development documentation or we’ll have to cancel such orders and issue a refund. All products are developed and sold in compliance with legal civil and financial requirements.

Legal Compliance.

We are not responsible for the products you decide to sell and how they affect your customers. You agree to take full responsibility for the nature of the products and services you offer and how it affects your customers. Our contract ends upon delivery of your product, but we can provide ongoing support for other areas of business. For any additional service, you must place a new order and your request must be approved before we can start working with your business.

Privacy Compliance.

You agree that the information provided is correct and should be used to validate customer info and all transactions.
This is in accordance with our privacy policy. For more information on how we use your personal data, view our privacy policy.

Financial Compliance.

Bitcoin payment methods will not and cannot be refunded. If we do not receive an email response from you within 10 days after your order has been received, Your order will be canceled and you will receive a refund (except bitcoin transactions) to the payment method you used to order. Note that the amount you may receive will not be the same amount paid. We charge $500 as cancellation fees.

Blueprint SERF.

There is a 10 months standard processing wait time required for us to come up with the Business Blueprint (BB) upon approval of your request. After a Simple Emission Request Form (SERF) is received, we will compile the requirements, create the first draft of the business’ IT infrastructure, and send a proposal to the client. In the case where a client decides not to continue with the project we’ll only refund 50% of the amount you paid. 50% goes to re-finance our labor expenses per our sales terms of agreement and privacy policy.