For business enthusiasts, investors, serious professionals and venture capitalists looking to start a new business, or who need to expand their reach. The choice of financing a profitable activity and producing capital assets is heavily focused on consumer interests....


Product / Service distribution, and delivery techniques. Drastically improve the current performance of business activities that involve direct or indirect distribution of goods /or services to the final consumer.

How Bitcoin Price Fluctuation Affects Your AI Business Blueprint.

The market demand curve and bitcoin price change have a direct relationship. The AI business blueprint built by amnesty cloud ai business blueprint, focuses on the use of real cash. This direct relationship between the market demand and bitcoin price is described as...

You may now be mandated to insure your Business Blueprint (BB). It would be best to start finding affordable insurance plans protecting this investment. Always check with us frequently to see if your business qualifies for new insurance premiums. Amnesty Cloud’s Blueprint Seller Representative Specialist (BSRS) are online 24/7 to assist with this requests. See Business Blueprint Insurance Plans – BBIP.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Is Guarantee your top priority? Fill the gap where quality pricing meets innovation. Develop an amazing new product with the help  of Amnesty Cloud Solution (ACS). Get a dedicated specialist to plan and manage the procurement  production equipment’s for your new plant. We do everything. From product initiation, product design concepts, prototyping and testing, packaging and delivery (to warehouses and retailers).  Amnesty Cloud Solution (ACS), and a team of professionals who manage the efficient flow of goods, data services, and finances ( Nainr Inc), enjoy occupying themselves with these research activities.

To lay emphasis, ‘everything’, includes the procurement of all the required raw materials and the product’s delivery at its final destination.

Reasons to work with us

  1. We focus on guaranteed and cost-effective worldwide delivery of the raw materials, manufacturing equipment’s, and product accessories you need.
  2. We manage and coordinate the development of manufacturing resources for a large number of suppliers and production plants.
  3. Hire us if you need to move finished goods to warehouses, retailers, online stores and the final consumers.
  4. The benefit of a more accurate product-market-relation demand forecasting is what we offer when you hire or work with us.
  5. We guarantee no sourcing shortages or transportation delays.
  6. No communication gaps between us and our clients, and suppliers and chain partners.
  7. Our experienced operations teams reduce the possibility of encountering any supplier reliability issues.
  8. We poses a catalogue of product development patterns and are part of a worldwide network of suppliers.
  9. Our in-demand technology teams keep up with releasing advanced AI analysis software’s that measure our activities to get you the right pricing.
  10. We’ll also enlist you in our distribution service and marketing partnerships to help promote your product at product launch.
  11. Our customer service is top tier with 24/7 online availability.
  12. Market research analyst  are on standby, ready to work with you to get quality materials at affordable prices.
  13. We deploy and keep track of reliable and cost-efficient Supply Chain Management (SCM) teams to handle your projects.

We are a preferred choice when it comes to hiring a company that will assist your business in obtaining the required raw material resources and hardware manufacturing equipment’s from supplier’s, vendors, warehouses, distribution centers, and retailers. We seek to get you affordable price models and guarantee no sourcing shortages or delays in delivery. The decision on how we obtain raw materials and hardware pieces of equipment, and the steps we take to ensure all conditions are met stems from our expansive inventory of trusted suppliers and manufacturers who have assisted us in serving other clients. Finally, our. We source and offer you quality products that will fit your business needs and help you stand out in the long run as you continue to achieve your business goals.