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Online Payment Processing Gateway Solutions (OPPGS)

Your business can securely store transaction records for ease of use and faster ordering during checkout. Enroll your website users in a cashback reward program, run credit score checks, verify loan approvals, and implement a wide range of financial services using our online payment processing gateway solution – OPPGS. Amnesty Cloud Solution (ACS), helps businesses set up integrated payment solutions. ACS processes, and securely manages payment transactions. Our payment processing solutions and systems are designed to improve the customer’s experience and business revenue. Reserve a custom payment solution for your business and secure your transaction records with this service. Get Pro business payment solutions that’s less costly and easy to migrate.

Easy to operate payment solutions for your business.

Payment systems optimized for round-the-clock availability. The benefits you get include convenient management of large volumes of high value transactions. Get concurrency for mobile money transfer payments. Our hybrid payment solutions provide easy-to-manage back-end online banking applications that work with Automated Teller Machines (ATM’s) and vending machines. We can also implement in-store card payment processing for in-person shopping. Prevent double bookings or allocations in online ticketing and sales businesses. Submit a request to set up an Online payment processing gateway solution with your business.

Digital Marketing and Advertisement (DMA)

    Our DMA tool focuses on helping your business market and advertises its product online to a targeted audience of potential clients.

    Relate with your target customers online in the best way possible. Our online business marketing strategy and professional people skills help us accomplish this goal on your behalf.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Intuitive design of solutions to make happy customers that play a vital role in strengthening the relationship between your business and its customers and ensures consistent growth and successful future developments. Contact us for this CRM business service.

Digital Sales Management (DSM)

    Analyze your sales transaction records to find more ways to improve sales and promote healthy customer relationships.

    Following up with your sales transactions which involves designing and implementing cost-effective, reliable, scalable, and maintainable database solutions.

    We’ll choose the right fault-tolerant storage option for your business and architect a solution for data-intensive applications and departments all year round.

    Customize a sales management system focused on reducing cost in every aspect. A good solution that speeds up the general business operations and enable the business to solve daily sales puzzles in real-time. Submit a Digital sales Management (DSM) request.

Finance Management

    Information technology AI tools aid in making decisions about raising capital, making acquisitions, selling assets, budgeting, forecasting, and more.

    Avoid deviating from your original financial plan. Succeed in improving your business’ finance management and increase profit with a financial plan from us that’s tailored to sustain business activities.

*** Complete the groundwork that cares for your finances with a customized Business Blueprint(BB) from Amnesty Cloud Solution (ACS) before requesting this service… request a digital finance management solution.