Business intelligence:

Business intelligence or AI business analysis involves innovative technical and logical procedures used in collecting and analyzing data from a companies business activities. This is by far the most used service by A C. When we build solutions to solve problems that businesses face, we put together the requirements and give them a custom name tag to be able to generate new business goals. From the results obtained, a plan is being created to improve your business performance.

Business Audit by an Independent CPA:

This service is offered by Yogo group of companies.


ACS partnered with brilliant and legal business minds to ensure that all ACS customers get the best business audit report. Yogo group of companies is one we can vouch for to give you the best detailed report about your business in compliance to all areas of auditing, both internal and external. ACS customers always count on us to point them in the right direction and there’s no better place to find a qualified and professional independent CPA than at Yogo group of companies.

Governance, Risk management and Compliance (GRC):

Yogo group of companies is also in charge of this service. Every company needs this four procedures to ensure they are doing the right thing and doing their business justice. Your company definitely needs to incorporate privacy and security considerations when focusing heavily on strategy, processes, technology and people. This should be at the top of your list as an entrepreneur that plans to take on any business venture.