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New Product Development (NPD)

Equally important, our service’s business psychology interest focuses on product manufacturing. We’ve networked with a large group of qualified USA-based manufacturers. In addition, many manufacturing partners worldwide depend on us to source quality raw materials for manufacturing several products and sometimes require our team to supervise their production process.

Contrary to what’s priced in our New Product Development (NPD) package, the budget needed to manufacture a product varies between products. We cannot allocate a fixed amount due to the complex nature of the new product development process. What’s more, the amount you pay is an average estimate that covers startup costs and not a fixed total. Next, this estimated cost of developing and manufacturing a new product is based on several criteria. After manually reviewing the new product concept, we can provide you with a final estimate. Amnesty Cloud Solution (ACS) processes your refund in case of an overpayment.

Furthermore, a New Product Development (NPD) price analysis can only be possible when we can access your Business Blueprint (BB) or any other required information. Find a sweet spot among the four categories offered in our New Product Development (NPD) package: start, grow, pro! and enterprise. The exact amount it will cost for a New Product Development (NPD) can only be determined after we’ve analyzed your request. Moreover, developing a new product may cost your business more or less.

Contact us if you know the price to develop a new product and if the price you mentioned differs from the pricing options displayed on our site. You’ll get an email response with a decision within 48 hours. In addition, we’ll do our best to provide a fixed and exact total price for the new product development, which is tailored to your specific product. Again, the estimated production price already includes a hiring service fee.

Furthermore, we efficiently manage production resources and manufacture raw materials during the New Product Development process. In the same light, timely invoices, detailed explanations of incurred expenses during manufacturing, and the final budget for production will all be made available after we are done with planning and ready to begin manufacturing.

Lastly, the price for the software technology and tools required for production are all included in the final budget for manufacturing and production. Finally, we guarantee that we can source all the raw materials you need for manufacturing, the tools and software for designing the software product, prototyping, testing, marketing, logistics, and delivery. We focus on manufacturing and production, but it’s our goal to ensure that we make your business journey less complex and easy to navigate.

Also, efficient production and manufacturing processes, intuitive software development, and cost management techniques are always our priorities when we develop or manufacture new products. Note that a complete deposit of the budget required for production is needed in addition to ordering this package before your project can be approved. We’ll email an account balance statement and meet the legal requirements when the final product has been delivered.