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Support service center for customers.

Sales management and customer relationship improvement.

Work with your customers records by creating a highly secure API integration systems with your business IT infrastructure.

Dedicated customer support representative available at all times.

1 per business


Spend time working on important business operations and lets have our customer care representatives attend to your customers. Let’s respond immediately to customer concerns on behalf of your business, providing first class support to your customers. Assist every business with their customers inquiries and resolve these requests in a timely and professional manner. From billing, to technical issues, trained and dedicated specialists will be available to attend to your customers 24/7. All the problems or concerns your customers may have will be resolved by seasonal specialists. Receive a report for each service rendered to each and every customer. Chat transcripts are created at the end of chat sessions and provided for your private reference and further business use for both Amnesty Cloud Solution and your business.

*HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL!  Read our privacy and legal agreements for more details.